Community Funds

The Community

BOMB has no leader. There is no CEO. We do not have a white paper. There is no ‘HQ’ or main offices. Nobody controls BOMB any more than Satoshi controls Bitcoin. BOMB is an open-source, community-powered currency that has gone beyond a social experiment; welcome to the first deflationary cryptocurrency in existence.

The original development team has moved on; what remains is a passionate group of community members who contribute where possible. We understand that everyone involved has different skills and capacities to commit time.

Currently, the Bomb Board consists of nine members who are particularly focused on pushing BOMB forward. These members are the following on telegram. Feel free to reach out to any of us directly with questions, suggestions, or ideas.


Community Funds

When Bomb was first distributed for free, a significant portion of the total supply was held on the side and designated to be used for general purposes as “community funds.” As of January 1, 2022, these community funds total 53,903 Bomb.

In late 2021, we further decentralized the Bomb community and strengthened the security of the community funds by moving all of the Bomb to a multi-sig wallet using This smart contract is accessible by 5 of our Bomb Board members. However, in order for any transaction to occur, at least 3 of these members must individually sign off on a transaction. The community funds address can be seen at the following link:

In general, any proposal to use these funds in the past has been voted on using snapshot. The voting platform is quite simple and places a value of 1 vote for each Bomb that an Ethereum address holds. For example, an Ethereum address holding 1,000 Bomb has ten times as much voting power as an Ethereum address holding 100 Bomb.

In the future we plan to use these community funds to pay for developers, exchange listings, marketing, and rewards for our community members.