The most reliable exchange to buy BOMB is currently Uniswap; there is an ETH/BOMB pool and an ETH/WBOMB pool, and the links can be found below. See for details on trading with WBOMB.

Uniswap Info for BOMB

Uniswap Info for Wrapped BOMB


To Trade on Uniswap:
If you have never used Uniswap before, the first step is to create an Ethereum wallet and set up the Metamask extension on a browser of your choosing (normally Chrome).  The steps to set up Metamask are found at the following article:

The next step is to send Ethereum to your Metamask Ethereum Wallet. You can buy Ethereum on Coinbase, Binance US, or an assortment of other known exchanges. You cannot buy Bomb on Uniswap if you don’t have Ethereum or another ERC-20 token first.

The final step is to do the actual transaction on Uniswap and swap your Ethereum for Bomb.
The steps to use Uniswap are found at the following article:

Note*: When you are almost ready to swap and trying to search for Bomb on Uniswap, you might need to manually copy/paste in the Ethereum contract address. This can be done by going to and copying the address by clicking this double paper icon that is circled in red:



Additionally, BOMB can be traded on Mercatox and Hotbit. Mercatox has an Ethereum trading pair and a BTC trading pair. Hotbit has an Ethereum trading pair.

Mercatox Info for Bomb/BTC

Mercatox Info for Bomb/ETH

Hotbit Info for Bomb/ETH

In order to trade on Mercatox or Hotbit, you must first create an account and register with their exchanges.

In the future we certainly plan to get on more exchanges and to expand the liquidity and trading opportunities for BOMB.