What is BOMB?

Bomb is a social experiment to test the feasibility of a hyperdeflationary asset. It has become the world’s first self-destructing currency.

How does BOMB work?

1) 1% of every transaction is destroyed.
2) There were only 1M BOMB created.
3) There will never be newly created BOMB.

How Do I Get BOMB?

All tokens are given away to the supporters of the experiment for their participation. Follow on social for #BOMBDROP opportunities.


I Didn’t Receive an Email, What Now?

Our emails should be delivered to your email instantly. If you did not receive, look in your spam. If you still can’t find it, create a ticket at bombtoken.com/ticket


What is the Token Contract?


How do I add this to my Wallet?

Each wallet is a little different. Some wallets do it automatially. Some wallets make you enter in the Custom Token Contract.

What is the Custom Token Contract?


Decimals = 0
Symbol = BOMB

How Long Does it Take to get Verified?

3-5 days, depending on traffic.

How do I get More BOMB?

There are various #BombUP opportunities on social media so follow closely.

Why am I not on the spreadsheet?

1) We haven’t reviewed you yet.
2) You were a bad actor and permanently blacklisted.
3) You didn’t verify yourself properly.

Have I been verified yet?

After you submit your BOMB ID into @BombVerify, we have a manual screening process. Once manually screened, we update a public google doc every Wednesday for new particpants. If your ID is on this list, you are verified. If your ID is not on this list, we either have not screened you yet, or you were blacklisted for cheating.



How can I check the total supply?

The number on the front page of the website is automatically updated every five minutes.

What wallets do you recommend to use?

MetaMask (Google Chrome Extension)

None of these Questions Helped Me, Where Do I Go?

You can create a ticket with your problem by going to bombtoken.com/ticket

What is V3?