Story of WBOMB

At the time of BOMB’s creation, Uniswap (the premier decentralized exchange on Ethereum today) was no more than an infant; Uniswap originally did not support the deflationary properties of BOMB. As such, the community cherished the burning aspect of BOMB so much that we needed to come up with a way BOMB could be on Uniswap without creating an entirely new token. We made WBOMB (Wrapped BOMB).


WBOMB is essentially a wrapped BOMB. This version still maintains the integrity of Bomb by burning 1% and maintaining zero decimals. The only difference is that it doesn’t burn when being sent to Uniswap.

Contract: 0xbBB38bE7c6D954320c0297c06Ab3265a950CDF89


This is achieved by use of a whitelist that allows us to specify non-burn addresses. In the future we will also be able to whitelist other smart contracts, if and when we need that feature.

BOMB wrapping and unwrapping is now available at:


Uniswap is a fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum. It empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all. Read more about all of Uniswap’s features on:

While this is an amazing technology, it still takes many people participating to become beneficial or helpful to the WBOMB Network.

For this reason, the community has created an incentivized liquidity pool on Uniswap. 40,000 BOMB Tokens from the community funds have been allocated for rewards over the next few years until they run out. Rewards are already being issued, as you can see at

Below is a breakdown of the rewards one can expect to receive for participating and how to get involved.

Wrap & Staking

In order to stake, you will first have to wrap your BOMBs on or buy WBOMB from uniswap directly. has a really easy-to-use interface where you can connect your wallet and then decide how many BOMB you want to wrap. After you connect and confirm your wallet, you can wrap your BOMB. The wrapped WBOMBs will then be automatically sent to your wallet. With these you can add liquidity to the Uniswap pool. Keep in mind that you will need the same amount of ETH to add your WBOMBs to the liquidity pool; this is how Uniswap Liquidity pools work.

Upon adding to the liquidity pool you will receive an amount of UNI-V2 liquidity token that is relative to the size of your liquidity deposit.

Users can then stake this liquidity token using our fully automated reward dapp at:

Similarly to wrapping, the simple dapp interface allows for selection of stake amount (in terms of UNI-V2) and stake duration (in months) up to the maximum of 12 months.

Real-time information in the dapp shows the current reward base rate and other pool metrics as well as reward multiplier and calculated reward based on user input.

Upon staking, the calculated reward is allocated and locked along with your UNI-V2 liquidity token for the duration of the stake period. A countdown timer will then indicate the remaining stake period. If you unstake prior to the end of this stake period then you will receive the full amount of your UNI-V2 liquidity token back but will FORFEIT ANY REWARD.

Once the stake period has elapsed you will be presented with two options: “Claim Reward and Unstake” or “Claim Reward and Restake”. As you might expect, the former will claim your reward and also release your liquidity token. With the latter option you can enter a number of additional months and the dapp will release your reward, retain your liquidity token, allocate a new reward based on the provided months, and enter you into a new stake position.



Token Swap:


Reward Pool:

Contract:   0xbBB38bE7c6D954320c0297c06Ab3265a950CDF89 (

WBOMB is not a new token or fork of BOMB Token. WBOMB is a wrapped version of BOMB that allows for whitelisting integration with Uniswap and dapps.

We do NOT control your funds at any point. You can remove the liquidity, staking, and WBOMB at any time.

(*) While we have developed and audited the dapp, smart contract, and all of its features internally, along with rigorous testing: just like Uniswap, WBOMB & Bomb.Exchange are in beta. Use at own risk. (*)

BOMB dApps


STAKING REWARDS: Lock up your WBOMB uniswap liquidity token for up to 12 months and earn a WBOMB staking reward.