What is BOMB?

BOMB is the world’s first deflationary cryptocurrency created in early 2019; 1% of the amount of BOMB in every transaction is burned forever.

BOMB started a wave of replica currencies attempting to tap into the magic of deflation. However, BOMB stands out from the rest by having no decimals, being the very first of its kind, and being named Bomb, which leads to great memes, puns, and discussion in all places besides airports.



Fiat currencies are inherently flawed, even the U.S. dollar. Citizens all over the world are at the complete mercy of government printing, as seen recently in Venezuela, South Sudan, and Zimbabwe. Inflation itself is not problematic, though it can quickly spiral into hyperinflation, which is problematic.
Like many other countries, the United States Federal Reserve has been printing at an increased rate since early 2020.



Token Velocity

Quite simply, Token Velocity is the speed at which tokens circulate their native platforms and ecosystems. If this velocity is too high and speculation is held constant, assets will struggle to conserve long-term stability.


BOMB started as a social experiment and has grown into a community run projected fueled by passionate people interested in fighting inflation and breaking the norm on tokenomics.  The rules are simple.

    1. There were originally 1,000,000 Bomb in existence.
    2. Each time a Bomb is transferred, 1% of the transaction is destroyed.
    3. There will never be newly minted Bomb.

The intention is not to be used for day-to-day transactions, but rather as a consistent, decentralized store of value and hedge against traditional inflationary instruments. Through a system of immutable smart contracts and continuous hyperdeflation, BOMB is the world’s first deflationary crytocurrency.


1,000,000 Bomb were released in early 2019 for free to the first holders, and at that time, no cryptocurrency was deflationary. The creator, Zachary Dash, had come up with a brilliant idea. Since it was given away for free, the price genuinely started at $0.00. There has not been a hedge fund or a company to prop up the price, only a community of people who want to buy.